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Join Greg Dayton and the Big Cats for Sunset Fridays at the San Francisco Zoo - Supporting Wildlife Conservation!

Immerse yourself in the captivating melodies of blues and jazz with renowned musician, Greg Dayton and his band, "The Big Cats," as they grace the stage every Friday night for five unforgettable weeks at San Francisco Zoo. This unforgettable musical event not only promises an evening to remember, but also offers a unique opportunity to support vital animal conservation efforts. Greg Dayton is deeply committed to the mission of protecting wildlife, making this experience even more meaningful.

A Melodic Connection with Wildlife

Greg Dayton's passion for music intertwines seamlessly with his dedication to wildlife conservation, forging a powerful and meaningful connection between him and San Francisco Zoo. As an advocate for animal welfare, Greg actively supports the zoo's mission to provide a safe haven for endangered species and educate the public about wildlife preservation.

SF Zoo Greg Concerts.jpeg

Supporting SF Zoo's Conservation Efforts

By attending Sunset Fridays with Greg Dayton and the Big Cats, you play a crucial role in supporting the SF Zoo's efforts in animal conservation. A portion of the proceeds from each ticket sale will be directed towards funding crucial conservation programs that safeguard vulnerable species and their habitats.

Groove to "See My Baby" - The SF Zoo Anthem

Don't miss the chance to groove to the beat of "See My Baby," the captivating anthem that has roared through multiple SF Zoo commercials and radio advertisements. This fun track encapsulates the essence of our shared commitment to wildlife preservation, adding even more impact to this musical journey.

Exclusive Access for Members

We value our members, and as a token of appreciation, we're delighted to offer existing SF Zoo members exclusive access to this live event. Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing music while supporting the zoo's conservation initiatives. Not a member yet? Don't worry; you can join now and seize this extraordinary opportunity.

Seats Available! Book Your Tickets Online

Don't miss out on this one-of-a-kind experience! Secure your spot now for Sunset Fridays with Greg Dayton and the Big Cats. With no reservation required, it's easy and convenient to join us for a night of musical enchantment and wildlife support.

Let the music play and together, let's protect wildlife at San Francisco Zoo's Sunset Fridays!

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